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If you or your loved one has been arrested for shoplifting, it is imperative to contact an experienced Hoffman Estates retail theft attorney. At Ahmad Law Firm, our legal team has successfully represented numerous theft crimes cases. Our firm has received many accolades and honors for the skilled litigation we provide our clients, including The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 Under 40 and the American Institute of Family Law Attorney’s Best 10 of 2015. When you are facing serious criminal charges, you can rely on our services to help.

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Understanding Shoplifting Laws

Illinois has strict laws and regulations regarding the penalization of retail theft and shoplifting. Not only do those arrested potentially face jail time, but they also could have to pay steep fines and restitution to the merchant from which they stole. Many people don’t realize how many different actions can fall under the crime “retail theft.”

You could be arrested for shoplifting if you did any of the following:

  • Taking merchandise without paying the full retail price
  • Making false merchandise returns
  • Tampering with anti-theft devices
  • Tampering with labels, price tags, or barcodes
  • Failing to return merchandise before the expiration of lease
  • Switching merchandise from one container to another

If you shoplift property with a value of $300 or less, you could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. However, you could be charged with a more severe level of offense if you used an emergency exit while shoplifting, stole more than $300 worth of value, or have been convicted of a previous theft crime. Your shoplifting charge can quickly become a Class 2 felony, which is why you need the defense of a committed Hoffman Estates retail theft attorney.

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