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Retail theft, also known as shoplifting, is purposefully taking merchandise from a store without the intention of paying. You may be charged with retail theft for switching price tags, “under ringing” by cashiers, and walking out of a store with unpaid merchandise.

If you have been charged with retail theft, it’s imperative to seek representation with our Norridge criminal defense attorneys. We understand the amount of damage a retail theft charge can do to an individual’s life, which is why having a trusted and skilled legal team on your side can help maintain your reputation.

Retail Theft Penalties

If the store decides to pursue criminal charges, the punishments depend based on the dollar amount and the details of the offense. Prior shoplifting convictions can result in a felony charge, as opposed to misdemeanor charges.

Retail theft can be categorized and punished in Illinois by the following:

  • Total combined property value of $300 or less – Class A misdemeanor
    • Maximum one year imprisonment
    • Fines up to $2,500
  • Total combined property value of more than $300 – Class 4 felony
    • Maximum five years in prison
    • Fines of up to $25,000

Let Us Fight For You

The consequences of retail theft can have a lasting impact in your life. Many employers will avoid hiring people with a criminal record, particularly in cases which involve stealing. Universities may deny admission or expel a student who is charged with a crime. Landlords will refuse to rent to people with criminal convictions.

When your freedom, reputation and future are on the line, our firm offers an aggressive and personalized defense. Our founding attorney, Moe Ahmad, has experience as a former prosecutor for more than five years, giving him the unique insight of the criminal justice system from both sides of the courtroom. We are capable of providing you with the legal support in order to reduce or dismiss the charges against you.

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