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At Ahmad Law Firm, we understand that a criminal record can have adverse effects on your life. Having a record may make it difficult for you to successfully obtain gainful employment, housing, or be granted a reasonable outcome in a family law proceeding. Although you may be feeling overwhelmed, it is important to remember that you may have options to help overcome this difficult time. In some circumstances, individuals can obtain expungements. Expungement is the process of permanently removing an arrest from your criminal record.

In order to determine if you are eligible, contact an expungement lawyer in Arlington Heights. Call Ahmad Law Firm as soon as possible for your free consultation.

Who is eligible for an expungement?

Specific factors determine who is able to obtain an expungement, including:

  • The type of crime committed and the outcome of the court proceedings
  • Previous or additional criminal arrests and/or convictions
  • The amount of time between the conclusion of the case and the requested expungement

If an expungement is granted, an individual can legally deny that any criminal past ever existed. An expunged record will not show up in record searches. You may be able to deny any conviction on applications for jobs, housing, educational ventures, and loans.

Understand the Expungement Process

Expungement does not occur automatically and is not guaranteed. The motions taken will depend on whether the arrest you are seeking to expunge was your first or a subsequent charge. You will begin the expungement process by obtaining your arrest record.

Your next step will be to request a rap sheet from a local police agency. If you are unable to remember where the arrest occurred, contact the Illinois State Police Records Bureau. They can find information about your case by searching by your name or fingerprints.

After you have obtained your arrest record, our Arlington Heights expungement lawyer at Ahmad Law Firm can review your case to determine whether the charge is eligible for expungment. If we determine that your misdemeanor or felony arrest can be expunged, we can assist you in the filing process.

Filing for Expungement

Our firm can help you file a Petition for Expungement in the county where the record is found.

The paperwork will require the following information:
  • Exact charge
  • Location of the arrest
  • Date of the arrest
  • What your sentence involved

In some cases, you may be required to appear in court, but the process can typically be completed without court involvement. When your order for expungement is entered, it will either be denied or granted. If your Petition to Expunge or Seal your Record is granted, the police agency and the clerk's office will enact the order.

We can help clear your good name!

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We know what damage a conviction can do to your reputation. For more information about your eligibility for an expungement, or if you have questions regarding your future, do not hesitate to contact Ahmad Law Firm today. Our firm is available 24/7.

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