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Aggravated battery is a serious offense. It is a violent crime that is considered a felony in Illinois. If you have been arrested and charged with aggravated battery in Chicago or one of the surrounding counties, you must obtain qualified legal counsel from a skilled and reliable criminal defense lawyer.

At Ahmad Law Firm, we are ready to protect your rights, reputation, and freedom inside and outside the courtroom. As a former prosecutor, our Chicago attorney has a thorough understanding of state laws regarding violent crimes and understand how the prosecution will approach your case.

Aggravated Battery Overview

The difference between simple battery and aggravated battery is the degree of bodily harm. A charge of battery can result from causing any injury or physical harm to another person. However, a charge of aggravated battery is the act of causing serious or life-threatening physical harm or injury.

The following is considered aggravated battery as opposed to simple battery:

  • The offender causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement to another person
  • The offense is committed against a child under the 13 years of age or a profoundly mentally-challenged individual that results in bodily harm or great bodily harm
  • The offender strangles anther or blocks the mouth or nose
  • The offense occurs in a public setting, such as a school, road, or sports arena
  • The offense is committed on a peace officer, correctional officer, firefighter, emergency medical staff, specific public employees, a teacher or school employee, a judge, an adult over 60 years of age, or a pregnant woman
  • The offense is committed with a deadly weapon
  • The offender gives a controlled substance to another which causes great bodily harm
  • The offender knowingly video or audio records the offense with the intent to distribute the recording

Aggravated battery is considered a Class 3 felony, which is punishable by a prison sentence of two to five years and a maximum fine of $25,000. Due to the severity of the penalties, having a criminal defense attorney on your side is of great importance.

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