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While Governor Bruce Rauner decriminalized small amounts of marijuana possession late last year, possessing any amount of marijuana can still lead to a citation and a fine in civil court. However, there are additional penalties high school and college students may not consider when they decide to try using cannabis.

If you've been accused of marijuana possession and rely on student loans for funding, it's vital you contact anexperienced Arlington Heights criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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Unexpected Consequences

Aside from the financial aspect of a possession conviction, a record of cannabis possession can be extremely detrimental to your federal funding. If you already depending on federal funding, you may not be able to get any financial assistance with a cannabis charge on your record. Despite some states now decriminalizing marijuana, federal law still regards it as a highly dangerous controlled substance.

Because of this, possession, conspiring to sell illegal drugs, and selling illegal drugs can disqualify you from receiving federal student aid grants and loans. However, these convictions usually count against a student for financial aid purposes if they happened at a time when a students were already receiving the financial aid. The only exception to this is trafficking. If you are convicted of drug trafficking, a state or federal judge can explicitly deny you certain federal benefits, such as financial aid.

While a single conviction under drug offense could have led to immediate and permanent ineligibility for federal student aid, as of 2009, the rule has become a more lenient one. The penalties become significantly higher for first, second, and third offenses, the last leading to permanent ineligibility for federal funding.

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It's never been more important to obtain a college education. Today's market demands at least a bachelor's degree to begin a career with a decent salary. If you're facing a drug charge and need federal funding to keep your education going, it's imperative to hire a skilled drug offenses attorney to defend you. Our team at Ahmad Law Firm is dedicated to providing outstanding legal representation for people in need. Let us use our skills to ensure a brighter future for you.

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