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Aggravated DUI in Illinois

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Being arrested for a DUI is a serious situation. Not only are you susceptible to lengthy jail sentences, costly fines, license suspension and increased insurance rates, but a conviction will result in a permanent mark on your criminal record. However, there are circumstances which may insight felony charges.

If you have been arrested for an aggravated DUI, our Arlington Heights DUI attorney is capable of protecting your rights and providing the necessary legal assistance to have your charges reduced or case entirely thrown out.

Aggravated DUI Penalties

While most DUI cases are misdemeanors in Illinois, aggravated DUI are considered a felony offense. The offenses which result in a felony charge range from Class 4 to Class 2 felonies. Class 4 felony is punishable by a prison sentence between one and three years, along with a fine of up to $25,000. A Class 3 felony is punishable by a prison sentence between two to five years and a fine of up to $25,000. A Class 2 felony is punishable by a three and seven-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $25,000. Any mandatory prison term or community service is not subject to suspension or reduction.

Aggravated DUI offenses include the following:

  • Third of subsequent DUI (Class 2 felony)
  • Second or subsequent DUI committed while driving a child under 16 years old (Class 2 felony*)
  • DUI committed while driving a child under 16 years old and involved in a crash, resulting in bodily harm to the child (Class 2 felony*)
  • DUI resulting in a fatality (Class 2 felony)
  • DUI committed after a prior conviction for reckless homicide while DUI or aggravated DUI involving a death (Class 3 felony)
  • DUI resulting in immense bodily harm, disfigurement or permanent disability (Class 4 felony)
  • DUI committed while driving a school bus carrying individuals who are 18 years old or younger (Class 4 felony)
  • DUI committed without a valid driver’s license or permit (Class 4 felony)
  • DUI committed without vehicle insurance (Class 4 felony)
  • DUI committed in a designated school zone while the restricted speed limit is in effect and involved in a crash which resulted in bodily harm. (Class 4 felony)
  • DUI committed while suspended or revoked for DUI, reckless homicide or leaving the scene of a personal injury or death (Class 4 felony)

    *penalties vary according to offense

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