Hiring Mr. Ahmad would be a wise choice!!

I have known Mr. Ahmad for years. In his time as a Cook County prosecutor, Mr. Ahmad was known for his professionalism and knowledge of the law. He was a pleasure to work with and he always had a well-balanced approach to the cases he handled. Now that Mr. Ahmad is a criminal defense attorney, I am confident that he brings that well-balanced perspective and knowledge to the representation of his clients. Since his departure from the Cook County State's Attorney's Office, I have seen Mr. Ahmad in action, working hard for his clients. He has an unparalleled rapport with the State's Attorney's Office, and that relationship that he has with the prosecutors he recently worked alongside gives him an edge that clients interested in his services might want to consider when choosing Mr. Ahmad as their attorney. Hiring Mr. Ahmad would be a wise choice!!

– M. Lascola

Reviews From Clients & Colleagues

  • “Hiring Mr. Ahmad would be a wise choice!”

    M. Lascola
  • “Moe is a very capable and competent lawyer.”

    D. Cosley
  • “The criminal defense community is lucky to have Mr. Ahmad on its side.”

    P. Bhatt
  • “I would definitely recommend him.”

    Happy Client
  • “A formidable force for his client's well being.”

    J. Fagan
  • “Tenacious and meticulous.”

    J. Worley
  • “An excellent attorney.”

    H. Wise
  • “Highly skilled criminal attorney.”

    M. Javier
  • “Extremely dedicated and knowledgeable.”

    S. Azhari
  • “I endorse this lawyer because he is excellent at what he does.”

    G. Newland

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