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Penalties for Failing to Reduce Speed and Prevent an Accident

One of the most common tickets that are issued immediately following an accident is “failure to reduce speed and prevent an accident.” Ahmad Law Firm understands that being issued a traffic ticket is more than just a nuisance, because of the penalties one could face.

If you have been cited for failure to reduce speed, we urge you to speak with our traffic ticket lawyers as soon as possible. We proudly serve clients in Arlington Heights, Chicago, and the nearby suburbs.

Penalties for Failure to Reduce Speed

The laws in Illinois expect all drivers to recognize when they need to adjust their speed when the conditions call for it, so as to prevent an accident. For example, when the weather is stormy, and the roads are slick, drivers should adjust their speed to anticipate the extra time needed to brake and prevent skidding, hydroplaning, or skidding into other vehicles or objects.

It must be proven that the driver committed the following:

  • The driver was driving on a public road, street, or highway
  • The driver collided with another person or vehicle on the road
  • The driver struck another person or car, because of negligence, carelessness, or lack of diligence while driving

An officer will be more likely to issue a ticket if the accident was avoidable, or otherwise, the driver could have taken the steps to stop the accident from happening. The State will be aggressive in pursuing these cases, and in examining all of the facts and possible scenarios involved. While you can fight the ticket on your own, failure to reduce speed is a much more serious offense, and it may be in your best interests to have an Arlington Heights traffic ticket attorney working on your case and protect you from facing more severe penalties.

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