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Were You Caught Speeding in a Construction Zone?

It is a common misconception that traffic violations are only minor offenses. The truth is that driving recklessly or negligently can lead to serious accidents and someone could be hurt as a result. Our traffic ticket defense attorneys have defended the community of Arlington Heights, Chicago, and the nearby areas who have been issued tickets for speeding in a construction zone.

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Penalties for Construction Zone Tickets

Getting a traffic ticket is never fun, but you may be surprised to realize how many people choose not to fight their tickets, especially for what they perceive to be “minor” offenses. We always advise people to try and fight, as there may be many avenues for defense, and the consequences of a traffic violation extend beyond just the monetary cost.

The possible penalties for construction zone tickets:

  • Fine of up to $1, 000
    • Minimum $250 fine for the first offense
    • Minimum $750 fine, for second or subsequent offenses
  • $125 hire-back fund assessment
  • 90-day driver’s license suspension

Any traffic violation carries severe penalties, and you may be forced to pay the costs of higher insurance premiums and many other costly fines. Ahmad Law Firm works to reduce some of these expenses. We know that the courtroom and facing trial for what might seem a minor traffic violation is an intimidating place. We can stand strong for you and help you get a more favorable outcome in your case.

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